Happy April Fool's Day!

Last year I created a few April Fool's Day stories for the Cat News. Since I'm doing it again, I decided to post them here first for your perusal. So here it comes ... all the news that's fit to fake!

Newest Craze: Dishwasher Cats

This new breed of cat has been specifically bred as a compact, sleek variety that is well suited to exploring standard-size dishwashers. Although they also have the ability to inspect and adapt to refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens, the dishwasher is their true domain.

Breeding the ever-popular Blanket Tunneling Cat with a mix of the endangered Drapery Climbing Cat and the more common Box Cat, led to the development of Dishwasheris catus, also known as Dishwasher Cats. The helpful and exploratory nature of the Blanket Cat combines well with the daring of the Drapery Cat and the Box Cat’s love of boxy spaces.

Although a dishwasher isn’t necessary to the successful raising of D. catus, it is highly recommended. Please consider a Sink Cat if you
do not own a dishwasher. See this wonderful breed in action at Cats In Sinks.

Grow Your Own Kitty

From the fertile San Fernando Valley come compressed kitty plant discs. This innovative product allows you to grow a kitty of your own in no time. Merely place the disc in the pot provided, and add water. Like magic a full-grown kitty will sprout up and be a wonderful addition to your home and garden. Available wherever fine products are sold.

NASA’s Cats In Space

In keeping with the new administration’s commitment to science excellence, NASA has received funding to add catronauts to their space program. Although cats and other animals preceded humans into space this will be that first time that they are voluntarily going.

“I’m proud to represent my species and look forward to an extended stay on the International Space Station as soon as the Zero-Gravity
Litter 3000 is up and running,” says Commander Felix Catastrophic. “We are just scratching the surface of the benefits to be gained by further cooperation between our species.” That said, Commander “Cat”, as he’s affectionately known, presented this reporter with a dead freeze-dried mouse as a gesture of goodwill.

Unusual Twins Born

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when they were born,” says father Harry Armstrong. “At first I thought that maybe my wife had been out catting around, but the lighter-haired twin has my whiskers.”

Although rare, these non-identical twin sets have supposedly appeared in ancient times among the royal Egyptian families. Ramses and Spamses are "healthy and happy," says mom, Bastet. “My little boys are just two wonderful bundles of joy!” she exclaims.

Scientists are eager to study the children, but the parents have thus far refused all offers. “We just want our kids to have a normal childhood. They are already on a waiting list for a top of the line preschool they will be attending part-time just as soon as they are litter box trained,” the proud father declared.

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