Cat Workout Routines

More and more young felines are becoming concerned about their weight and the possibility of someday looking like a furry bowling ball with legs. That is why Catisthenics, Cat-fu and Catrobatics are the workout routines that are capturing the attention of cats worldwide. In the picture above you see some simple Catisthenics being performed with a partner. This allows for both emotional support and added resistance training.

This picture shows free form Cat-Fu, which has the added benefit of reducing stress along with burning calories and exercising all of the major muscle groups.

This last photo shows how even humans, with their albeit limited flexibility in comparison to catkind, can benefit from a rousing session of Catrobatics. Any ripped hosiery that may result from these kinds of exercises are in no way the fault of the cat or cats involved and you can rest assured that your human will thank you after seeing how toned they've become as a result of these types of workouts.

So get out there and get moving!