Games! Games! Games!

In this, my inaugural blog, I will be profiling the games that are near and dear to my little gamer's heart.

Magic: The Gathering
This is probably the most amazing card game on the entire planet. Collectible cards, an ever changing array of combinations to choose from, challenging to play and win, decks that can evolve, any number of opponents or teams, and most importantly... fun to kick butt with!

Champions of Norrath
This Playstation 2 RPG game is based on the EverQuest universe. It is super great because it has single or multi-player options, extreme amounts of character, weapon and item choices and modifications, lots of levels and side quests, kind of easy cheats for leveling and enhancements and... now you can fight for the good guys or the bad guys.

Animal Crossing: Wild World
I loved this game on the Game Cube, but I love it even more now that it's on the Nintendo DS. Why? It's portable, it's very open ended, and I can do everything from fish, to hunt bugs, to dig up fossils, to shop, to design clothes, to visit other towns, to invite friends to my town, to furnish my huge house (now that my mortgages are paid off), to making my own constellations, to... well you get the picture.

Beyond Balderdash
If you have some smart, creative friends and/or family (which I do) this game is a total blast! There are five categories of answers. The "dasher" reads a movie title, word, set of initials, person's name or a date, and others write the description thereof. Everyone's answers are read along with the real answer and the guessing begins. Since the real answers are usually crazy or unbelievable, anything goes!

The Wii
Yes, it's not really a game but a game system. Still, it has so much going for it. With games like Wii Sports (that comes with it), Trauma Center and WarioWare: Smooth Moves , I can't help but love this console. There are many different types of gameplay (some of which seem to involve flailing about), and a nice stable of games to choose from. The newest game I've tried is Alien Syndrome .

Well, that about wraps it up, for now. If you feel you must, go out immediately and get some of these games to play. I won't stop you.