Ridiculously Easy Ways To Spread Some Kindness Around

When I was little and our family would camp in the woods or go fishing in the wilderness my dad would have us picking up cigarette butts, beer bottle caps and tangled lures to haul them back out and trash them. Some may teach the principles of “Leave No Trace”, but my dad did them one better. His motto was to leave things better than you found them. That’s a good way to live your life, in fact.

There was a challenge recently set before those of us who blog to step away from the keyboard and do something kind in the real world this month. This month? Heck, that’s easy enough to do every day. It can start right at home, too. In fact I think I’ll go put a load of my husband’s clothes in the wash for him.

Okay, I’m back. That was pretty easy. You know, I went to an awesome Switchfoot concert in Salem a few weeks ago. Everyone that bought a ticket donated $1 to Habitat For Humanity. Jeez, go to a concert and help build a house. Switchfoot itself donates and supports even more charities, including a home for abused children, so that ticket money was well spent.

Feed hungry people using my mailbox? All I had to do was stuff a bag full of food and put it out for the mail carrier. That food headed right out to food banks in my area and from there went on to fill people’s pantries and tummies. I can also provide training and employment for people when I drop off my used stuff at Goodwill. That place is great for finding records, books and all kinds of things so I shop there, as well. It’s only the best second hand store around, according to the locals. Way to recycle, huh?

Speaking of recycling, can I fund jobs, help the homeless and save the earth just by getting rid of trash? Sure, if I sort it first. Now I can keep those empty food boxes, junk mail and more from going into my local landfill and recyclers get paid. Those old newspapers, magazines and phone books go into a bin to support a homeless mission. Some people take it a step farther and turn their trash into fashion accessories, like this girl. It takes a child to raise a village’s awareness, I guess.

Oops, got to go put that stuff in the dryer and make lunch for the family. Charity begins at home, you know.

That was pretty painless, and now back to the blog. There’s another blogger doing the BlogCatalog.com challenge who made multipurpose wheelchair - walker tote bags from recycled plastic bags and donated them to her local VA hospital. Check it out here. She even gives out the pattern directions she created. I think that’s pretty rad.

Well, it’s time to put that laundry away, so I’d better go. If I see you in the real world, I’ll be sure to give you a smile, hold the door for you or give you a friendly wave. In the meantime, here’s an online smile and a wish for an amazing year to come.